Saturday, 29 August 2015

Summers End .. A Corrosion of Conformity

We're at the Bank Holiday Weekend at the end of August and the doom and gloom merchants will signal it as the  end of all things. It isn't , no way. Everyday I find new things I want to do or try and am never satisfied with     doing what is expected and conforming to expected boxes.

It's quite amazing how through my life I am continually deemed weird and strange because I don't watch X-Factor , Eastenders and Coronation Street , and I don't  have an Apple iPhone.

Rhino Rhino
The thing is I conform where I have to , I use money rather than barter, I have and Android Samsung Phone and a Windows Computer. But I prefer to be defined by what I do do , rather than what I don't do.

So I wont be watching any of those programs, but I know I'm in the minority. It's like Terry Pratchett , I enjoyed Mort and that was it but it doesn't matter because I have so much that I do like and I do not need any of those things.

Tonight I recut some CDs for a great friend to fit in his/her hatbox

I have lots to stimulate me, am in a constant state of feeling good , and every time I speak to someone I feel even better. like the ending of "True Romance" where Alabama eulogises for Clarence with the "You're So Cool" motif backed by the Orff "Gassenhauer" borrowing of Hans Zimmer.

I am feeling very positive so am going to bed now , but leaving with the wonderful Peter Gabriel song "Come Talk To Me", I really wish you would. Good Night my Great Friends

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