Sunday, 2 August 2015

Sunday Service and Ezra Furman

Just over a year ago I found out that among his other talent Christopher Lee was also a heavy metal vocalist . I put together a slideshow for his version of "My Way" which hit 10K view in one day then was pulled for copyright infringement. Youtube refused to enter into discussion , but Charlemagne productions , the owner of the copyright said it was Youtube's implementation of the policy and they were really apologetic. I asked if they could intervene but they said they couldn't with more apologies.

So I put it on here , which is hosted by Youtube and it is still there , it's had about 150 views since then so the blog is obviously not as much of a draw ad Youtube. You can see it here.

Mr Ledbetter
Anyway I did a slideshow for the wonderful Ezra Furman song "One Day I Will Sin No More" described as in the style of Leadbelly . It's so simple I think I could perform it live given an hour to learn it , but unfortunately copyright doesn't allow it to be shown in my country. So I'm going to try the blog option again.

I would love to know what you think about it. The album is definitely worth buying , Ezra Furman is a real talent.

Have a great Sunday everybody.

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