Monday, 31 August 2015

Summer's Last , Autumn's First .. Good Times Coming

Well today is the last day of August , for some reason I thought that Saturday was the last day , c'est la vie. This month has been totally wonderful for me , just riding high on feelings of positivity and seeing things going well for friends and family.

We live in a world where conditioning and media pressure push us to be miserable and spiteful denigrate differences and actually find pleasure in other people's failure and misery. It is a horrible attitude and I discourage in impressionable youngsters and older people.

It's A Pleasure
I look for different things , they stimulate my mind , I don't do straight and narrow in thought, pleasure and fun. The uses of that word has determined the song for this post , Baxter Dury's Pleasure, which is totally wonderful.

I hope things are going great for you and remember there is as much pleasure in giving as there is in receiving. Love all your friends and all who love you as well , always return that. It's too easy not to bother , me , I do bother.

I think things are going to get much better , keep looking for the positives and you will make your life perfect.

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