Sunday, 2 August 2015

Waiting For The Countdown

This post is nothing more than an excuse to play on of my favourite Lyndsey Buckingham songs , "Countdown". While I wanted to hit my thousandth post on this blog this year, I thought the option had gone had gone , but a flurry of posts last weeks means maintaining  a post every other day will actually hit the target.

The other thing is that I'm still enjoying Stephen Hawking's "A Brief History Of Time" . As you know I am not very intelligent , so reading this book is like a night out with your clever mates. My mate Colin , when he goes to see Newcastle United play always has a Judas bet , so that if Newcastke lose he has money in his pocket , and if they win he's also happy.

Nothing To Do With The Post
Stephen Hawking had a bet that if Black Hole's didn't exist his friend would by him four years of Private Eye (if they did exist Hawking's forfeit was a subscription to Penthouse) I think Hawking won though by the very nature of it's existence you can't actualy prove it's there.

And with that little mind twister it's time for bed .

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