Saturday, 22 August 2015

Ooh That Wasn't Nice

Nice Enough To Eat
Thursday night in the middle of the night woke up with cramp in my left foot , it hurt like hell , as cramp does, and you get out of bed stamp around and that cures it doesn't it? Well usually it does, this time cramp wanted to really hurt me , and it kept coming back for about half an hour. This was followed by leg pains , then a bad head head pain and finally a  chest pain that hurt like hell (not heart attack stuff , but without being too ungentile , my right moob felt like it had been severely kicked and punched, I finally got off to sleep listening my made up CD compilation of my first ever sampler album "Nice Enough To Eat" which I must thank for being my first introduction to , among others , Mott The Hoople and Nick Drake. (If you want a copy let me know because I don't thinks it ever got a CD release).

Anyway come morning , I felt ok if a little tired, but resolved to go and see by doctor and used the excellent Patient Access App to book an "Acute On The Day Appointment" . I booked it for 2:10 and turned up at the surgery to find they had no record of a booking , but had one for September 4th. I had spotted a flaw in the system and also not checked the date it had given me. Anyway I'm with Thornfield Medical Group and they booked me in for an Emergency Appointment at 5 , where I was seen fairly quickly checked over and all seemed good (Including a 3Kg weight loss) . The lovely doctor told me that cramp is exacerbated by dehydration but I tend to drink a lot of water anyway but maybe too much coffee (which is a diuretic) . I work with a Patient Focus Group at my surgery so will be feeding back about the app.

So that's where I am after a great week and looking forward to an excellent weekend , with not too many nights like Thursday. Have a most excellent day everyone.

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