Sunday, 29 December 2019

Art Decade

I've just realised that this is the last Sunday and the last week of this decade, it just suddenly came upon me, this time next week it will be 2020. I think I am finally getting recovered from the #flu' and speaking to my dad he told me, touch wood, that he had never had it. I do quite feel tongue in cheek when people have it continually. This is not the worst I have had it as I have been able to move, but now I will be expected to be there for people and to do things that are expected of an average human being.

In the last decade I've learned things , forgotten things ,done different jobs, bought things that have turned out fairly useless,, set targets, still not written any songs or a book and we are now on the cusp of another decade.

No doubt there will be some numerical significance gleaned from from the onset of 2020 but you often find such significance is just in the nature of the numbers themselves. Numbers only reach significance when they actually represent something significant. Humans always look for significance and patterns , and lets face it if we could work out how these things work we could improve our lives significantly but random is impossible to predict, that's it's nature.

So anyway I am going with Bowie's song from the instrumental side of "Low" (i particularly like the colour changing underground video accompaniment for this) on the grey drab Sunday morning, it's ironic that I finish this decade by failing to hit my step target for the month, but I am likely to hit a post a  day for the year for  the blog which I didn't expect to hit, so sometimes you succeed and sometimes you don't quite hit it..

The thing is once you have done certain things you do not need to repeat them.

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