Tuesday, 3 December 2019

The Eyes Have It

For some reason this song title has mean going through my mind.As far as I know it's a one hit wonder (actually it's not Karel Fialka had another hit with "Hey Matthew" which my mum loved because it reminded her of my nephew) and while it is a decent pop song, very rooted in the eighties (not necessarily a bad thing) , and I probably have a copy of it.

The thing is the title got me thinking of how impressed I am with how contact lenses work, they're flexible plastic , stick to your eye (sounds horrible when you have never had to do it but becomes very easy and natural once you get the hang of it) and sometimes they don't go on properly but then slide round until your vision becomes perfect. How amazing is that,it does amaze me every day.

So this post gets this out of my head, and allows me to share this song with you,I know it's fairly short, but that's the nature of a diary you write what you need to.

I said that I had to do 46 posts to hit 366 for this year but this is post 331 so I only have 35 more to do, so that's probably about nine thousand words which is less than I expected.

So I'll leave you with "The Eyes Have It" by Karel Fialka which is almost impossible to track down is physical or digital form these days.

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