Friday, 6 December 2019

Twelve Inches

This week I bought three 12" vinyl singles from Skipton Sound Bar. I don't need any more vinyl but one was a blue vinyl take on Ron Grainer's "Doctor Who" theme by Mankind, which you can see here, but I have never heard, and listening on Youtube sounds remarkably sanitised and weedy, The original given to us by Delia Derbyshire in the sixties wipes the floor with it.

I am going to listen to it once I get home but have a feeling it will be dispatched to a trade in The original and subsequent series reboots are all excellent but the Mankind version is so sanitised that it would be rejected by an elevator music soundtrack.

While the Blue Pearl and Shamen records are both excellent it looks like Mankind is the dud, but that's just one of the ways to discover new sounds, you've got to take a chance, and the Blue Pearl one was worth the gamble.

I'm also pleased that the blog is going to hit the 400K visits before today is out, and my hope was that I would hit that before New Year's Eve, seems I've hit it over three weeks to spare.

So this is just a post to record the Mankind single and the visit to The Skipton Sound Bar before my return tomorrow.

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