Saturday, 21 December 2019

Full English

This morning I felt like I wanted a Full English Breakfast, but there is no way I could actually eat one, my stomach couldn't accommodate it. I felt like this a few times before and I know this is a side effect of the 'flu' but I have though what a great invention it would be to experience the pleasure of eating, the tastes and textures without actually consuming. I know we have to eat to keep going but enjoying the pure pleasure of taste is wonderful as long as you are eating something that you like.

I thought I would just mention this as I am now suffering from a streaming cold and still feeling a bit battered although better than yesterday.

This is going to be a very short post because there is not much you can say about a Full English Breakfast , it is what is, and I used to be able to make room for one any time, now it's not so often. I still love the smells , tastes and textures although I am unable to enjoy it as often as I used to do.

I say this is a very short post, but I still think it will pass 250 words which I always set as a general target, and in the past I have done some very short posts, more like notes rather than blog posts.

The song I have got to go with is "Don't Quote Me On That" by Madness for opening line:

"Eggs, Bacon, Beans and a Fried Slice"

I love that song (originally the "B" side of "Night Boat To Cairo"), I love that band.

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