Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Send Me A Postcard

Today I intend to do the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail , I've been coming properly to Settle but only came across it when I also found Scalebar Force last time and so thought it would be worth doing it for  a morning as I do like walking in nature.

Although I don't go abroad these days (I hate queuing, I hate airport check ins, and I also hate driving so always take the train when practical.

Ingleton is a twenty minute bus journey away, and featured heavily in the Michael Moorcock book "The Skrayling Tree" so I'm not sure if any landmarks will show upfrom that book.

Anyway I switched on 6Music and Lauren Laverne (ex Kenickie and went to school with my eldest daughter Juliet) was playing "Send Me A Postcard Baby". Now this is a record I know very well and love but I seriously don't know how it got into my mind-library, and it was only this morning I found out it was by Shocking Blue, more famous for their more famous but more mundane "Venus".

So that's the one we go with today.

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