Sunday, 1 December 2019

To Make You Feel Good

I'm lucky enough to be on holiday in one of my favourite places, Settle, and thanks to the internet and technology I can share time and pictures with all my friends all over the world.

Today has been relaxing wandering around Settle , down to the Ribble and up Castlebergh Crag sharing pictures and generally feeling good knowing that I can share all this with my friends.

The cake was well and truly iced when I switched on the TV and the film"Local Hero"w as playing, one of my favourite feel good film, which has a perfect Mark Knopfler soundtrack which is an album I never tire of. The album reminds me of the film and the film makes me feel good and it is good to share these things with friends.

Also I handed a found wallet in to the local police station. It looked like it had been stolen and emptied but it had photographs which may have been important to the owner. The lady police officer looked and said I know those children I drop it into them, so that made me feel good.

We should appreciate all the things that make use feel good and try our best to do more of those things.

So for this first post in December I'm going to go with Mark Knopfler's "Going Home / Wild Theme" from the film "Local Hero". If you haven't seen it .. see it and get a copy of the soundtrack.

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