Thursday, 26 December 2019


I had a relapse yesterday, part of this is due to my mind wanting to do anything and my body not being up to it, this is then followed by me getting into bed, my body overheating , and heating up the contents of my insides and making me feel queasy to sick and unable to eat, which then weakens me further.

Sleeping on top of the bed with the window ope definitely improved the situation. At the moment my physical ability is really just about making a cup of tea and that's it. My problem is that I always go further than I should resulting in a potential relapse.

I know it's still Christmas and I am not one of these loons who are out at the sales in the cold often spending money they don't have on bargains that maybe aren't all they seem. Remember it's only a bargain if you were going to get one anyway. That's me just being a humbug.

I think I am gonna have a cup of hot chocolate for breakfast, wil nip out for eggs to have scrambled eggs and then really rest. I know I've put this blog post together and think I'll go with Graham Parker's "Heat Treatment" , great record, Enjoy.

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