Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Opa Loka

Yesterday I used some recording software to create a blog post. The name Opa Loka came to mind, I know it is a song by Hawkwind and could refer to the city in Florida , which I didn't know existed.

I had to edit it and it's still messy so I need a lot of practice to start using it in earnest.

Right I'm just going to actually try this as a blog post.

I'm walking.
I just walked across the frozen Leazes Park and I want to see if this actually captures the text, so that I can actually use it for a blog post.

I'm actually walking while I've just put out a stream of consciousness and ,so to speak, a lot of writers  use software to actually scripts or whatever, and then you've got to go through and edit.

I've actually done one of these once before, but obviously I've not done this much, but this one I'm trying to actually hit 366 posts this year and I need to do maybe another 16 .

I'm just walking back now. It's very very cold so I'm not too sure what music I'll use to soundtrack this but obviously I'm going to get this text, get it back, format it, and it'll make  no sense whatsoever so it's going to be a "Stranger Things" for you and  just another test for me but it would be great if I could actually talk and make sense as it means that you can actually say things and nobody's stopping you you can put it out and you can say what you want.

Really I use mine as a diary to remember things or just record things that I either have missed or I want to remember and want to be able to go back to, and I'm not too sure how the police siren is going to affect this because that's what  was happening as I'm recording but I'm going to actually stop this now as my hands are absolutely freezing at St. James's Park.

Need to get across the road to Citygate and hopefully get in the warm have some porridge and maybe a cup of coffee and thinking maybe some Hot Chocolate. I know that Tesco actually sell that so I will divert via Tesco's get some hot chocolate and maybe we'll have a soundtrack by the band Hot Chocolate you actually did some very very good records so this is the end of this ok


We'll go with "Brother Louie"

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