Tuesday, 24 September 2019


For the past two weeks I have been woken up by my alarm from a deep sleep. This is a good thing really but each time comes as a slight shock as I normally tend to wake up before the alarm so it's just a question of switching the damned thing off.

Today is extremely cloudy and rainy, but we are in the second half of September so it's not exactly unexpected. I have been bingeing on some TV programs, mainly Parks and Recreation , Defending the Guilty and Vikings .

Last night I actually started on recording a song, and maybe I will complete it this week and put it on Soundcloud.

This is just a short throway post but I'll sign it off with with a live take of  "Framed" from 1974 as I've been chatting with a friend on Facebook about how brilliant a front man Alex was and Zal Cleminson's evil clown costume predates todays Joker and Pennywise from It

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