Sunday, 29 September 2019

And Awake

I switched the alarm off, was going to have a lie in on the rainy Sunday morning and woke up at 7:15 . I have been dreaming drifting in and out of consciousness and remember a lot of things that make no sense in a house possibly surrounding a courtyard , with fragile windows in the floor of one room which you could see fish and the the floor two storeys down (it seemed to be half way over a fish tank) and there was a work course with people I didn't know where I ended up in bed before getting up again wandering round, meeting one person I did know and there was a dog.

Yeah that does make a lot of sense doesn't it? But that is the nature of dreams.

Now I'm awake and counting out my drugs and writing this post. I think it's always good to write things down, you never know when ideas might come in useful.

I suppose the dream vaguely makes me think of the film "Paperhouse" directed by Bernard Rose, one of my favourite off the wall horror films. "Paperhouse" is also a song by Can who I was considering for inclusion in my last post but decided against it, because it's normally best to have just one song. So we can go for "Paperhouse" by Can but I will include a trailer for the film "Paperhouse" below. The two are not related.

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