Monday, 30 September 2019


I woke up from another intense dream about taking an exam. I hate exams as I can never remember anything. I don't have any exams coming up and have no intention of taking any, so an odd subject to invade my dreamspace.

I've just read a (to me) complex section on genes and memes in "The God Delusion" but luckily this was interspersed by an excellent illustrative story of building an origami Chinese Junk which helped illustrate what Richard Dawkins was talking about fairly well to me.

This was swiftly followed by the concept of "Cargo Cults"  which show how quickly a cult can actually spring up, and this bit piqued my interest about Mormonism when it was given as an example along with Scientology of "Intelligently Designed" religion. I knew Scientology was set up by L Ron Hubbard ("Barefaced Messiah" is a brilliant book on the subject by former Scientologist Russell Miller) , a second rate science fiction writer and first class con man  / charlatan because he found out churches didn't have to pay taxes. It turns out that Mormon was a similar exercise by Joseph Smith.

This is an excuse to play "Junk" by Paul McCartney from his debut album from nearly fifty years back.

Have a great Monday everyone.

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