Thursday, 26 September 2019


This morning the alarm woke me up from a dream in which I was taking an online survey about why I was taking an online survey. Recently I've been sleeping extremely well always being woken by my alarm.

Bed was so comfortable that I decided to have another hour under the sheets but after twenty minutes stretched and and got out. For some reason I vaguely worry that I'm not going to be in work for eight o'clock though they are very flexible with work ours and people come in from any time from seven thirty to eleven. It doesn't stress me and I'm writing this at seven thirty so it's highly unlikely that I'll be in before eight, well I wont be, even if I get the bus. But I am certainly not stressed.

I am aware that some people become stressed over very small things and often it's their psychological make up that cause it. I have every sympathy for them. I also believe that stress is caused by things we can't influence or control, and can be reduced by stepping back and evaluating the situation, but usually you can't do this on your own, it helps to speak with someone. I have helped a few people who have been very stressed and talked and chatted and when we finished they were in a better place in their mind and more confident of being able to deal with the situation. I just did this as a friend, and friends are brilliant to have so always cultivate friendship.

I would recommend any book by Matt Haig who's "Reasons To Stay Alive" once saved a friend's life, it really is a book that everyone should have.

So I still have to take drugs, get dressed, and then get to work and choose a tune for this post. I think we'll go with "Sleeping In The Devil's Bed" by Daniel Lanois from his second album "For The Beauty of Winona". I first came across Daniel Lanois from his work with Brian Eno on the "Dune" soundtrack and U2's "Unforgettable Fire" . His first album, "Acadie" was an immediate purchase and I do love is franglais littered languid and brooding songs.

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