Saturday, 28 September 2019

More Words

I could have had a one word post title but was getting a bit bored with single word ones and the chane is that I will duplicate something, although that is always a probability.

Today is grey, wet and we have had a lot of rain, it's not even a nice Autumn day, just a drab grey day although it's always up to us to make something of the days that come our way. While sometimes we might feel hard done by I always try to look for the positives in any situation ( well as long as the situation is not really disastrous)  and you can usually find something to be positive about, well I do.

I am listening to Radcliffe and Maconie and they're playing "Future Days" by Can which is a laid back almost hypnotic stretch and I was thinking of including it here, but maybe not. I do remember watching Top of the Pops as a teenager and being shocked when Can were on there playing "I Want More", now that I would share but it's not available on Youtube (the Top of the Pops performance).

I was just thinking I done over 2K posts on this particular blog, and average, these days maybe 250 words a post (I did one of 2K words just to see if I could write that was back in 2011 here and very contrived  but my first one, a sort of mission statement for this blog was about 50 words here) so that is about half a million words that have flowed from my fingers, enough for a very short novel if it made any sense.

I was vaguely thinking of theming my October posts on drink because of the Octoberfest celebration, although I don't actually drink. So here's the thing I will do a post a day and there will be a song included that is drink related although it will be mostly alcohol related it will be anything that you can drink , so that will be thirty one drink related posts . By the way this post is about four hundred words (you can count them).

So what music should we go with, well "I'm Writing A Novel" by Father John Misty seems appropriate, although I am still hoping that inspiration will turn up and I will actually metaphorically put pen to paper and get my arse in gear to produce a pice of lasting art, although in a way tht's what this blog is.

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