Monday, 2 September 2019

Sing Me A Song That I Know

This morning I turned on the radio (Chris Hawkins on 6Music) and heard an absolute gorgeous brass riff playing, but also thought it sounded familiar and the surrounding song wasn't. The surrounding song was "Summer Girl" by Haim, a band I can take or leave but this is definitely a song that I would talk.

The song that it brought to mind was "Sing Me A Song That I Know" by Blodwyn Pig  ( a band formed by Mick Abrahams after he fell out with Ian Anderson and left Jethro Tull)  which I heard on the Island compilation "Nice Enough To Eat" . The brass intro , to me , was incredibly captivating and has , obviously , stayed with me to this day.

I think for this post, the first Monday in September 2019, I should share both songs with you and they are both worth four minutes of your time. I am so thankful that Youtube allows you to listen to music effectively for free, yes there are adverts, but they have to make money and the artists have to be paid. Also because Youtube is video based that tends to command your attention better than a normal streaming service and I haven't heard any artists complain about the Youtube business model.

So listen to both on these songs and enjoy, I certainly did.

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