Tuesday, 24 September 2019


Today it has poured down. There has been a lot of rain. I was in town and was surprised at the number of people who just stand blocking doorways. If you are going to go out , go out or else get out of the door way. Apparently the precipitation is going to get heavier and given today was the Autumn Equinox we can expect the weather to get a little less summery to say the least.

Again I wasn't going to write this as I really need to go to bed, but  just wanted to mention that in about two weeks the number of visits to this blog will hit 300K given that there about 1200 visits a day, that's 50 an hour and just under 1 a minute.

Today I went for a Liver check up and everything seems to be going in th eright direction although my body is showing signs of wear and tear with calcification around the heart, but sensible living will keep that OK.

I'm gonna close with "I'm Losing More Than I'll Ever Have" the coda of which metamorphosed into "Loaded" (check out the studio take and the live take of both songs running into each other here), Primal Scream are just one of those bands who are not limited by any style and are one of the most enduring bands ever.

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