Monday, 30 June 2014

Hospital Time

Well went in today, had two ECGs , heart rate was slow in the afternoon , but given that I had been lying still for a long time after the biopsy I didn't think that was too surprising, and neither did the doc though he did and extra ECG to make sure all was ok.

The worst part was having to spend nearly six hours on a bed not moving for ANY reason, even when they kept giving me cups of tea, by the way wee is quite heavy in those cardboard containers ....

Still caught up on TV and couple of TED talks and got in some reading.

Apart from the lump of liver they also took a hell of a lot of blood so could explain why I'm feeling a little tired.

All's I can say is that everyone today has been brilliant, there was no pain, little discomfort, and only a bit of blood was spilled. I am now going to go to sleep and will be working from home tomorrow while I get my strength back.

The NHS is totally brilliant, a shining beacon that shows how a country should look after it's population. Thought I'd include a little of the excellent Midnight Oil, just because they're Australian, brilliant, and I can.

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