Monday, 2 June 2014

It's Monday, You're At Work and I'm Not

As you may have gathered I am being self indulgent for a change, although maybe posting to a blog is being very self indulgent because I am feeling so self important that people will deign to take the time to read and digest what I have to write.

Metal Knight
I am still smarting a little over the Christopher Lee incident where my slideshow was removed from Youtube after gaining almost five thousand view in the first day. Charlemagne Productions said they were really sorry but it was Youtube's copyright mechanism that removed (saying they'd recieved a complaint for Charlemagne Productions).

The reason was that I'd used Christopher Lee's version of "My Way" for the soundtracked and was shocked at how good it was and felt it had to be shared. Usually Youtube just leave the video but don't allow it to be public. Then in the future it may be allowed back, this was a straight delete.

Anyway I have an idea of how to get it back on but will see how that progresses. Anyway I'm back to doing nothing and relaxing. So hence the Bing Crosby song.

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