Saturday, 7 June 2014

That Christopher Lee Video

Get Christopher Lee In The Charts
This is a short piece about the slide show I did for Christoper Lee's great version of "My Way". He has produced a couple of  heavy metal albums and can be purchased from Amazon here. The production is excellent and his voice carry's the authority you would expect , not exactly singing, but brilliant none the less.

I think it would be wonderful to get Christopher Lee into the charts so please tell your friends about this, and please buy the record, you will not be disappointed.

When it was pulled from Youtube it had had more that 8,000 views in less than a day, I found this out when I saw my feed on my smart TV.

We hare having monsoon like rain at the moment , but luckily I mowed the lawn this morning, so enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone.

Oh And I backed the winner in the Epsom Derby, Australia so that's a nice extra £30 profit for a change for me.

I looked at this from another PC and the video is hosted on Youtube, which means it will probably be removed in the next 24 hours. If not great , if it is I'll see what my options are next.

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