Sunday, 1 June 2014

My Seven Day Weekend

Last June I did 35 posts , more than 1 a day. This June that's unlikely, but I will still be posting, and hopefully will have a few this week. Yesterday I ate at Scotts of Helmsley , just the standard fish and chips. I thought the portion looked a bit skimpy but didn't by the time I had finished, full and with great service and I would recommend them to anyone who is in the area for any reason. Helmsley is slightly odd in that I've been visiting for years and in all that time it has never had a chemist, which odd for such a big village.

Anyway I could tell you what I'm going to be up to but that would spoil it for when I actually post what I've done and where I've been (which does sound a bit ominous but it's not honestly).

Well this is the first post of this month and the weather is really nice , I've posted pictures on Instagram , Twitter and Facebook so you can look there.

So everyone enjoy the rest of your weekend I have a seven day one this week so that's why I have the New York Dolls on this post!

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