Friday, 20 June 2014

Sunshirony, Bad Pollyanna and The NHS

Yes it's a made up word , but the sun outside is gorgeous and tonight I'm on a solo flight to see three Goth bands including the wonderful Bad Pollyanna  at Think Tank in Newcastle. I didn't realise they were from this sceptered isle!  I'd originally planned to get there about 9 , but the band posted on Facebook that they were coming on at 7:15 so lucky I checked  and thank you for that Bad Pollyanna.

This week has been absolutely mental and I didn't know whether I would get through today in one piece or without causing major damage, but I think that workwise it has come through fairly successfully working with some really nice people, despite being at home.

My liver biopsy has been postponed because I didn't notice that really important point on page five of the letter that I was sent (I should have stopped taking aspirin at the start of the week) , hopefully I will remember for any other similar things , but thank God I can have a little moan about that , rather than being in the USA and wondering if I can afford it. Michael Moore's Sicko is a very worrying piece but one you should watch. This is what the Tories want in this country, they are trying to destroy the NHS by outsourcing services to their cronies who bleed the NHS and then the government tells us that we cant afford so we have to privatise it. Rant over, have a great night , the weekend starts here

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