Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Day After The Longest Day

This is where the pessimists start saying it's all downhill from here , the days are getting shorter , it'll soon be winter and we haven't had a summer. Well in my opinion we have had great weather just like 2013 , I'm enjoying this great weather , we are having a great summer , and there is lot's of good stuff happening.
Big Country

I'm particularly looking forward to the Corbridge Festival which features Big Country , Bessie and the Zinc Buckets and the Ska-Toons among others , that's on the 12th of July, and the same weekend features the Mouth Of Tyne festival, admittedly I'm not too enamoured with the Brand New Heavies and Toploader but we do have the Neville Staple Band. Then we have Summertyne the following week with lot's of Americana going on.

SO we have all this music , and this without even touching on the main music venues in the area which I have eulogised in previous posts.

So really there is loads to do and enjoy and lots of it is free , you just have to make the effore to get there, and luckily Tyneside has a brilliant public transport system.

S0 enjoy the summer , it's going to be totally great!

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