Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Work Less Play More

This is just from a few things that I've seen and talked about today. The title was on a traveling case and really is a good philosophy for anyone who wants to be happy. And it fell in with a discussion about the past and future and the economy, and how we were going to have cities on Mars by the turn of this century (the year 2000) , and we would be working 20 hour weeks and have so much disposable income life would be incredible and we'd all be happy.

Well that's not quite the way it's turned out but there are certain things that are still rather incredible, like the fact that you can be in touch with someone wherever you both are in the world, and we have so much entertainment now in the form of music , books , radio, film and tv as well has now having the huge information resource that is the world wide web.

Although the worrying bit it the growing gap between the rich and poor , but that's for another post, here I just want to concentrate on the stuff that is good.

I was surprised to here CeeLo Green's "Fuck You" (the normal version) playing in the Eldon on of those really catchy song with an unbroadcastable tag line a bit in the mode of the Rolling Stones StarStar (guess what the Second Star stands for).

Anyway it's time for bed, hope you are all good, and enjoy the rest of your night / day / week , and play more and work less.

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