Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Weekend Is Here Again ... And The Festivals Are Here

Glastonbury Tor
I watched some of Glastonbury last night and was impressed with Blondie and Elbow, but it really is just a huge corporate splurge. The music is an irrelevance and I bet very few of the goers even thing of visiting the town or know of the Tor. If you go you should visit the Tor a pyramidal hill on a flat plain with amazing views.

Tor Tower
Tor Tower
Glastonbury Revisited by The Cosmic Rough Riders is my favourite song that mentions Glastonbury, a perfect Festival song.

When we went we got to the top then noticed a local running up, when he reached the top he stood on his head for a couple of minutes and the ran away. When we descended we found signs barring people from entering the field due to the Foot and Mouth epidemic at the time.

View from the Tor
  Well two of my festivals will be Mouth of Tyne and Corbridge , but this weekend in Newcastle there's the Tea and Cake Planet event , which could be worth a visit.

View From The Tor

View from the Tor

Yesterday I had some great chats with people about the horrors of giving presentations to unreceptive audiences and the joys of finding and talking about antique furniture. It's amazing that if you talk to the right person to can talk with them for ages and it seems like two minutes have gone and you have learned lots and had your interest stimulated greatly.

Anyway that's it for today, I'm gonna have to get off in to the wide blue yonder , in a great mood ....

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