Saturday, 28 June 2014

Jack The Barber

Jacks Frontage

Needed a haircut today, and my favourite barbers is Newcastle is Jack's near Central Station. The last couple of times they've been packed , but I got in today.

Vintage Hairdryer
The decor is great and the crack is good , always great fun whoever is in . Claire sorted me out today, but Lloyd the owner was also dealing with a Canadian guy and everyone was engaged in conversation and laughs including why German soldiers are en masse requiring breast reduction operations. Very amusing and also it's a great laugh.

Blood Letting Dish
They have some great stuff in there and it's a nice place to be while you are waiting for your trim.

Anyway an excellent day, but I told Claire I would blog about how good the shop is so here it is.
Jack's Fan

Jack's Gargoyle

Jack's Library

Maybe the first song that comes to mind is monster riff from Beck that he lifted from the Troggs. Both songs on hear so you can listen to both. Beck did credit the Troggs on his record.

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