Thursday, 5 June 2014

Whitby Jet

Going To Whitby
The weathjer has been a bit rainy over the last couple of days , but that didnt stop us taking the steam train from Pickering to Whitby on Tuesday. The cost of the journey has gone up significantly since we last made it , but it was still worth it as it is privately funded. It's an enjoyable one including one section over a 40 foor deep bog where the railway line floats on wattle and wool rafy pontoons. The North Yorkshire Moors Railway's website is here .

Two Trains
It's not the fastest journey and you can forget about a mobile phone signal, but is extremely relaxing.

Whitby was brilliant as always , lunching in The Magpie Cafe and not finishing it again (quality and quantity), then visits to Folk Devils and the still unnamed record shop in The Shambles.

Becasue of the train times it was quite a long day but thoroughly enjoyable.

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