Saturday, 24 October 2015

Coincidentally #25- 1981 - Dire Straits - Romeo And Juliet

Today has been a bit weird, but incredibly interesting , so much so that I need to write about it, just so I remember about this day. Today isn't special but it's the birthday of a friend at work, nothing strange about that but I have have another friend with the same name who's birthday was on Wednesday, so that was one coincidence.

Then it's my neighbours' twins birthday today. I went into town and went into a shop , picked up a The Core , so I thought I would check it out , It is The Key the first fabric structure to be used as a working space in the UK.
The Key
book went to pay and realised I hadn't picked up my wallet on the way out. So had to walk back to a bus stop but my friend had pointed out an unusual structure next to

This meant I walked past The People's Kitchen who do a great job supporting those who can't support themselves thanks to the heartless selfish government we let into power.

Anyway got home came out and was waiting at the bus stop and heard a noise behind me, turned round and say to gorgeous smiling faces in a sensibly sized push chair under mops of black hair. Their mum told me that it was their first birthday ! . So that's two sets of twins withing walking distance of each other and my friend from work who have the same birthday! Now that is a coincidence of the highest order and wouldn't have warranted a mention if I hadn't forgot my wallet!.

Anyway into town and got off the bus at Gallowgate straight into the middle of an bunch of EDL neanderthals desecrating the Bobby Robson Garden with there sub primate yelpings. I walked over to the Palestinean Support Meeting stayed for ten minutes to show my support then walked through Chinatown , running into another work colleague.

So that was a lot of my day.

On to year 25 of my musical journey , and in 1981 my first daughter was born and the song that I have chosen had a definite influence on her name. Hope me writing this is not too traumatic for her , Romeo and Juliet is a brilliant Dire Straits song but a far too wordy Shakespeare play.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

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