Friday, 9 October 2015

The Fun of Oculus Rift - #9 - 1965 - My Generation - The Who

A great friend of mine told me to check up Oculus Rift as apparently it's possible to design fighting games for it using light sabre devices with virtually no coding whatsoever. Amazon have them for sale but they cost clocks in at more than an iPhone. It already has spawned lots of imitators and you can pick up light versions for as little as ten pounds such as this item to work with a Smart Phone . My worry is the "Better Than Life" syndrome (see Red Dwarf), but surely no one would fall for that ... would they ?

My Generation
Anyway , into my ninth year and I didn't realise it was this late but the first song I remember seeing on Top of the Pops was The Who singing My Generation , so I am finally getting to the period where I started making my own musical choices.

Though I think so far I have chosen a worthy record every day , another fifty to go though

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