Sunday, 4 October 2015

Give A Long Hug Today #4 - 1960 - Chain Gang

Sometimes things don't happen as fast as we would like. For some people this is an excuse to get angry. As you know I don't do angry. This morning the internet connection has been slow and though it is picking up , means that I have to be aware that all this might disappear in a puff of smoke , well not literally.

That can be true of anything in our lives , which is why , personally , I do tend to wnat things to happen quickly rather than slowly because , tomorrow , next week , next month , next year the opportunity may have slipped from our grasp.

Don't get me wrong , life is great , but I have friends who have difficulties , and things like that can't be put off or left.  Sometimes we feel pressured by modern life , what we need to have , and what we must have. We need a bigger car , bigger house , more money ,more whatever the media tells us , we need to be thinner , fitter , more conformist. Well actually thats just corportations and governments telling us that basically coming down to the worship of money.

What I do is say bugger that, I'm going to care for my friends , spend time with them when I can, MAKE that time , support local businesses ,relax (I'm, in a hotel room with no TV or radio or room telephone) but yes we are in 2015 so I have my internet connected laptop and mobile phone so I can release this on the world which I know 50 of you will read and maybe think about.

My blog has twice been called weird and not making any sense by correspondence ,but that has been applied to me also so it doesn't bother me too much.

Hugs Are Good
I saw an meme on facebook that said a long hug produces amazing benefits rather than the standard three
second, and wile we can all hug the one we are with , go and hug a friend who needs its it will make your day and their day soooooo much better.

On day 4 of my song cycle and from 1960 , my fourth year I have chosen the bitter sweetly beautiful Chain Gang by Sam Cooke for you to enjoy.

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