Thursday, 29 October 2015

Style and Fashion In The Grainger Market - #32 - 1988 - Primitives - Crash

I know nothing about fashion . If you have ever seen me I know you will agree whole heartedly, but today after dropping by The Little Bazaar and Pet Lamb I lunched at Olivers and enjoyed
'FASHION SHOW ' Grainger Market 180 Years in Fashion' which involved several of my friends and was extremely professionally executed and well recieved by the many people watching there. The models and their dress looked amazing . As I said I am not the one to be offering opinions on this but I enjoyed it and took a short Instagram Video. You should visit the link if you are any way interested in fashion , history and the Grainger Market , all combined to make a gloriously entertaining afternoon.

Cat Walking Grainger Style

And the musical Odyssey winds on hitting year 32 and though the charts were awash with Kylie Minogue when she wasn't good , I chose this absolute gem "Crash" by The Primitives.

Have a good night (or morning Lee) , the weekend is coming closer.

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