Thursday, 22 October 2015

Mind vs Machine ! #23 - 1979 - Driver 67 - Car 67

Phone Home
Was thinking today about how we are more and more reliant on technology. One of the main areas is , how many phone numbers do you know? I know my own mobile number , maybe my home phone number and that's about it. I used to have loads of numbers stored in my head but now just two. I suppose it;s a case of need to know , but recently when my phone died , there was only one number I could remember. My phone remembers all my numbers, but it is reliant on power , and if it doesn't have power then I am at a bit of a loss. I use computers to remember the things that I can't , to store things I can't , to do things i can't and remember they are ultimately binary based and dependent on electricity.
mobile phones

Anyway just over a third through my musical life Odyssey and I know there's a plethora of decent stuff in the chart from 1979 , but the Sex Pistols had well and truly crash landed with The Great Rock and Roll Swindle , but I always had a soft spot for Car 67 by Driver 67 , so that gets my vote.

You all have a great day now

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