Monday, 5 October 2015

Laptop Tenned #5 - 1961 - Temptation by The Everly Brothers

Well the laptop has been upgraded to Windows 10 over Hotel Wifi at La Rosa. Started around 9 finished around 12 and nothing much has changed apart from pop up messages about features I didn't ask for , probably don't want and don't think will make my life better. However  I thought that about the snipping tool and stickys and I use them all the time now so what to I know.

Sunrise over Whitby Abbey

This morning I woke to see an amazing sunrise over the abbey, so now time for last breakfast here and the drive back home.

The song from 1961 my fifth year on earth when I turned 4 is Temptation by The Everly Brothers. This is not your usual Everly song , but they were an incredibly talented duo and I do love this

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