Thursday, 29 October 2015

Thursday 7:30 - #31 - 1987 - Mental As Anything - Live It Up

Well were getting towards the end of the week and all those things we need to do are getting done. There's some great gigs coming up Star Spangled Chestwigs this Friday and The Wedding Present a week on Saturday , with Halloween falling this Saturday so need to stock up on tubs of stuff for the knocking witches.

The musical Odyssey hits 1987 year 31 m and I chose Live It Up by Mental as Anything because 1987 was my first year in Newcastle and I remember in the first week I went to the Odeon (since fallen into decay and disrepair) and saw Crocodile Dundee , a film I still love.

So all have a wonderful time , I am on my way to work.

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