Saturday, 24 October 2015

Ignore Boundaries #24 - 1980 - Peter Gabriel - Games Without Frontiers

Very often people , especially in work , and especially when things aren't going perfectly will tell you to "Think Outside The Box"  , use "Agile Methodologies" and any other buzzwords that happen to be flavour of the day. I remember of the manager who asked to see if we could get training and courses on JFDI as it seemed to often get good results . The same manager after after a training course told me when I suggested a soloutin that at the the time he though I was a f*cking idiot as my idea was so off course, but he then said he realised that mine was the only solution that would actually work , and it wasn't the solution the course runners had in mind.

It's just when things seem impossible , or the odds are stacked against you , you probably have it in yourself to find an answer however unexpected it may be , just never give up . Giving up is the killer, believe that success , and what you are looking for will come to you.

Speak No Evil
Love Peter Gabriel , who walked out of Genesis when they had just produced what was their most ambitious album The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway and struck out on his own , starting WOMAD and Real World nearly going bankrupt and now doing alright for himself producing incredible music and commanding respect, so that''s why I chose "Games Without Frontiers" , and this was one of the most difficult choices I've made so far and I#m hardly half way through my musical journey.

Anyway have a wonderful Saturday everyone , Good Things are About To Happen

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