Monday, 19 October 2015

It May Be Monday But Good Things Are Coming - #19 - 1975 - Susan Cadogan - Hurt So Good

Yesterday I had Apple Pie at The Magic Hat Pop Up Cafe  who operate a pay what you an afford and use food past it's sell by date. I left a reasonable about to hopefully ad a little to their coffers but it is a very laudable enterprise as it does mean people who can't afford to eat because of this governments "austerity" policy , can actually eat.

Last week was intense at work but I actually wrote a song , well it sort of fell out of me because it was just an idea so you can here the rawest of demos here but have a feeling this is the start of a very special week

Well up to 1975 in the songs of my life , and again I'm going for the less obvious, in this case "Hurt So Good" by Susan Cadogan . I liked it then , and still like it now.

Have a great week everybody

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