Monday, 26 October 2015

Here Be Dragons ...A Little More Bazaar #28 - 1984 - Kirsty MacColl - A New England


I've loved the Grainger Market for years , and in my last post I gushed about the Little Bazaar. and I dropped by to today to ask Georgie for a photograph , she is a lovely lady and obliged . I love chatting with her as she is so positive and is perfect for the surroundings of the shop. It doesn't have an online presence so you have got to go and see it yourself. You couldn't create the atmosphere online, you have to visit and experience it. It's a great place to visit as I go into the Grainger Market for something to eat , fruit , veg and other stuff. So I had to write this so you can see her in her wonderful hat......

..and her Dragons

Anyway the musical Odyssey continues and I originally chose "When Doves Cry" by Prince but it isnt on Youtube, but more importantly my youngest daughter was born in 1984 and her name was influenced by one of my favourite singers of the time the sadly missed Kirsty MaColl who hit the charts that year with A New England but I had loved her since her first single "They Don't Know" . So you get a song written by Billy Bragg and sung by Kirsty MacColl , what's not to get euphoric about?

Enjoy your Monday Night and get yourself to the Grainger Market tomorrow , it is a veritable cornucopia

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