Saturday, 31 October 2015

Trick or Treat? I'd Rather Celebrate Samhain - #34 - 1990 - KLF - What Time Is Love?

Celebrate Samhain
It's Saturday and it's been a good week, but today is Halloween or Samhain depending on yuor viewpoint or religious or non religious religious. I do detest the commercialisation of the whole thing where plastic bats and witches costumes seem to be the norm , and the whole American  idea of threatening somebody is little more that preparatory gangsterism , Give me something or I will do something bad to you. Tonight I will get teenagers not even dressed up coming demanding stuff, and of course I will have tubs of sweets because I don't really want to find out what the malicious little imps will do. The reality is that is it's an excuse to dress up and collect free sweets , although about ten years back we were burgled on Halloween.

Samhain means Summers End so is probably the most appropriate description for today , and the best
way to celebrate.

Anyway enjoy the night in whatever way you see fit . I will be watching Preston North End play Bolton and jump into Australia versus the All Blacks for the Rugby World Cup Final, so that's my night sorted , though I would welcome any Pagan's or Druids round for a drink if you are reading this and know where I live.

Anyway into year 34 of the Musical Odyssey and we hit 1990. The year the KLF released the awesome White Room. This is an excuse to play the excellent "What Time Is Love? Amerika" which was a thunderous revamp of the already amazing version on the album.

So enjoy Saturday , Samhain, Halloween and the Rugby World Cup Final. It promises to be an amazing day my friends.

Some people have asked who Lee his (Good Evening Lee) . Lee is a great friend who live in Japan doing translating stuff I believe , and lives near to Mount Fuji . We worked together at the PPA in the early 90s around the time of the KLF and reconnected of Facebook a feww months back. Facebook does sometimes throw up good things.

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