Saturday, 10 October 2015

When Not To Trust Technology - #10 - 1966 - Roy C - Shotgun Wedding

Yesterday I was going to go along to Vamos Fantabuloso to see friends and write up for Spoongig so I cut the address ¡VAMOS! Social, Market Street, NCL from the website pasted it into Google Maps on my phone and it sent me to the middle of an estate in West Denton. Turned out to be a residential block , right house name and road , but totally wrong place . Because it was off the beaten track getting a taxi or bus back was not an option (UBER don't work for me , never any cars) ,so came home and missed out because I believed Google and didn't question it for once , c'est la vie.

Shotgun Wedding
Anyway to my tenth year on this mortal coil and it's the year England won the World Cup and a song I remember was this really racy one according to an acquaintance of the time. Roy 'C' s "Shotgun Wedding" , ironically not too far removed from todays attitudes fifty years on , but nonetheless a wonderful record.

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