Thursday, 22 October 2015

Just Amazed - Do It Now - #22 - 1978 - Darts - It's Raining

I'm constantly amazed by how much good stuff in general there is and how we have the ability to do so many things with a lot less effort that we did ten or fifteen years ago. We can do so much on the move get in touch with our loved ones and our not so loved ones whenever we want , we have the opportunity to gather , have fun socialise , and have a good time . But always do things as soon as you get the opportunity , because putting off things to next week or next month may mean putting of things so long you may lose the opportunity to do it.

Las night I missed a quiz raising money for Oxfam , I feel bad about it but I was just far too tired to
attend . Also I know I will have the opportunity to make amends.

Anyway in my 22nd Year I remember seeing the Darts , and this song "It's Raining" still gives me goose bumps.

So if you can do that good thing now , have fun , enjoy yourself and life will be wonderful.

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