Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Betcha By Golly Wow - #38 - 1994 - Stiltskin - Inside

Mind Twister
This is just an update on my betting which I started tracking on the 24th of March when I paid £100 for a tips subscription. Details of that are here. Most days I get around my money back , often I win nothing. Anyway the last two days I have cleared nearly £500 from Betfair for £40 outlay. This put my initial pot of £500 up to £1200 since I started and it's all thanks to Free Racing Tips and may be a little Lady Luck.  I am judicious with the information I'm given and don't bother with wild outsiders but the six horses I went with over the last two days all won. You can try them out here , I pay £9 a month with more than pays it's way. It won't replace my day job but it does my life a little better.

Free Racing Tips

They are really nice people to deal with and don't cost you a fortune. Here's a couple of images taken from my Betfair account , It's only £400 in credit because I got a new card and also I sometimes bet in a shop.

Anyway we hit 1994 and year 38 of The Odyssey and it was getting a bit Ravey , so I've gone for Inside by Stiltskin , a song we splayed in the early days with Spoon. A great riff and little reminiscent of Nirvana's - Smells Like Teen Spirit .

Have a brilliant evening my friends.

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