Thursday, 5 November 2015

Burn The Goverment - #39 - 1995 - McAlmont & Butler - Yes

Idon't think too many tears would be shed if Cameron , Osborne , May and IDS were dispatched is Guy Fawkes failed attempt to do something about government corruption. I wonder where we would be had he succeeded? The pain that they have spitefully inflicted on on the population of this realm , especially those unable to look out for themselves , the poor , the sick , those bombed out of their homes by weapons sold and promoted my this government to line their own pockets. But really we will have fireworks and bonfires and straw guys commemorating bonfire night and

Ok we are 39 years into the Odyssey and I've chosen the excellent McAlmont and Butler song "Yes". This is an amazing song and this Odyssey has proved that there is always great music around at any given time.

Have a wonderful Guy Fawkes Night.

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