Wednesday, 11 November 2015

BIG HUG WEDNESDAY: Keep On Smiling with a small Starbucks Rant - FIVE - #45 - 2001 - OPM - Heaven Is A Halfpipe

Real Coffee
I know I keep on about putting on a smile , being happy and hugging and kissing each other , but was tempted to write about this idiot  situation about the colour of Starbuck's Cups . Someone once said that once the threat of starvation had been eradicated then people's main hobby becomes being offended. Starbuck's are guilty of far worse things that the colour of their cups , but they still do good Frappacinos and I have no problem with the staff , just the company. But anyway that's by the by. Today let's make it a BIG HUG Wednesday , grab a friend and hug them and go for a coffee at an independent coffee place like Bar Loco or Pink Lane Coffee in Newcastle.

The Odyssey hits 2001 and for 2000 I had hoped for Heaven Is A Halfpipe by OPM , so it was a no brainer to choose for 2001 , despite competition from Gorillaz and other worthy choices

So go on make it a BIG HUG WEDNESDAY

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