Thursday, 19 November 2015

Some People Have No Sense Of Humour But We Do - #54 - 2010 - Newport (Ymerodraeth State of Mind) - Alex Warren and Terema Wainwright

I can't believe it's five years since Alex Warren and Terema Wainwright showed up how po faced American Rhythm and Beat artists Alicia Keys and Jay Zed were when this excellent parody of New York State of Mind caused them such anguish that it kept getting taken town from Youtube. Obviously it has now stayed and wouldn't it be better to acknowledge that this is funny and not offensive. It even spawned an excellent BBC take on it featuring lots of stars WITH a sens of humour for Children in need and Goldie Lookin' Chain even produced a reply to it.

Right that's all I'm posting but you've got three great videos to watch.

Have a brilliant Thursday and go and hug somebody.

Goldie Lookin' Chain 

Children In Need:

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