Monday, 2 November 2015

My Phone Is A Vampire - #36 - 1992 - Shamen - Boss Drum

My Phone is a Time Vampire
I looked at the clock when I took my Samsung Note 4 out of my pocket, waited while it did it's stuff , updating again , downloading , waiting finally pressed the first app and 3 minutes had elapsed.

I do like my phone , watch iPlayer programs and TED talks and read the odd book , plus check news , though I am thinking of ditching Twitter as I virtually never use it. But it's in the long list of apps on the phone that I never use.

Anyway be wary of how much time your phone actually takes.
Luckily I was boiling the kettle and making tea  while that was happening but I was thinking how many people just wait for their phone and lose that time completely ? 

Though I still use Facebook and Instagram is probably my most used social media app.

Anyway we're up to year 36 in the Odyssey and this was the year that KLF's Amerika - What Time is Love hit the charts , though I used it two posts ago , so I missed stuff from the Shamen's En-Tact , one of the greatest albums ever but have taken Boss Drum by the Shamen for this year's choice.

Enjoy the rest your Monday , this afternoon I go for some unspecified minor surgery .......

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