Sunday, 1 November 2015

It's Raining Leaves - #35 - 1991 - Oceanic - Insanity

Raining Leaves
What a beautiful morning , just the sort of day you want to be with your friends and enjoying this gorgeous winter sunny day. The leaves are falling , the colours are incredible , an American friend told me her daughter said "it was raining leaves" , I thought that was a beautiful analogy. When the sun shines it does put you in a very upbeat mood. So today ring someone , meet someone , kiss them , hug them and connect with them . Make them feel loved and wanted.

I hit year 35 in my musical Odyssey , so well over half way way though it , and I am thinking of merging this with my book so I can finally publish it. It will be very freeform by it;s nature (like this blog) but , I think this could work. Iwas looking through the top 100 for 1991 and Insanity by Oceanic jumped out and grabbed me by the throat . Yes there was a lot of  of KLF but I had them for my last post and this still sounds brilliant today.

So go out , watch the leaves fall , hug someone and kiss someone

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