Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Put A Smile On Your Face - SIX - #44 - 2000 - Len - Steal My Sunshine

Well Monday is over and Tuesday is here and the week has started better than expected and is going to keep getting better. No major events but after The Wedding Present gig on Saturday finishing last week , this week has a lot to live up to and I think it will be great , I am sure but I will have to do lots of good things and I will. Watch the video and this song will put a big smile on your face.

The Odyssey reached the year of The Millennium , and there was the huge panic about the Millennium bug and how the world would come to a halt. This confused me apart from being a ploy to rip people off. I started programming in 1980 for Littlewoods and the first line of the program I wrote checked whether it was the 20th or 21st Century . If I was doing that then why weren't Microsoft , Intel , IBM and Apple doing it in the run up to 2000?

Go On Smile

Well the Odyssey reaches year 44 , the year of the Millennium and good music was sparse , but good music is always there. I could have chosen Beautiful Day by U2  , and Who Let The Dogs Out by The Baha Men was number one (as I say not a classic year) but have decided to go for Len with Steal My Sunshine which always brings a smile to my face , and anything that makes me smile is a great way to start your day.

Put a smile on your face and have a brilliant day.

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